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Everything to Know About AWS!!





AWS is the first AWS course approved and certified by NASSCOM Future Skills and complies with industry standards. This AWS Certification incorporates the latest changes in SAA-C02 and includes SAA-C01 concepts. 

It will enable you to upgrade your skills like AWS cloud, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, S3, Cloud Trail, Global Accelerator, FSx, and much more. You will be working with various AWS cloud platform tools and creating great, highly accessible, and tolerant SaaS systems. It can help you in Insta marketing

Learn from highly qualified AWS advisors to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

OUR AWS Training Key attributes

  • NASSCOM certification & Job Assistance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 36 Hrs of Instructor-led Training
  • 40 Hrs of Self-paced teaching Videos
  • 32 Hrs of Project Work & Exercises
  • 24 x 7 of students Support 

 Our Course reimbursement


Amazon AWS Certificate Training Overview

You will learn various skills such as Simple Storage Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Aurora data service, Load Balancing, and more by working on hands-on projects. 

You will learn the best practices to follow while working on AWS projects in the industry.

We provide well-efficient training classes for AWS  that industry experts lead. This AWS training will get ready for the AWS solution Architect certification examination. 

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What will you learn? 

The following are the knowledge results of this AWS Solutions Architect Associate path:

  • Balanced Load Expansion in most EC2 cases
  • Identify the appropriate and appropriate use of AWS infrastructure
  • Suggest and modify the AWS application method in buildings
  • Finding the right solutions based on computing, database, and security requirements
  • Cost check methods and cost control methods
  • Data entry and exit AWS
  • Appropriate design and distribution of the AWS system

The benefits of this AWS course

Our AWS  is designed to help you pass the test on your first try. 

You can create a successful career in AWS with our well-designed courses, which give you access to our great AWS community, lifelong access to academic content for development, and more.

Excellent AWS training

This AWS training Solutions Architect certification program is meant for the following people:

  1. Solutions Architects or Programmers looking to build SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications or to transfer data to AWS from existing data centers
  2. System administrators and network administrators

Graduates who want to improve their skills in the cloud computing industry.

How do you prepare an AWS certificate?

These courses are designed to clear AWS Solutions Architect certificate certification. The whole course is aligned with the AWS curriculum and helps you get good jobs in top MNCs.

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NASSCOM Future Skills

NASSCOM Future Skill Skills led by NASSCOM IT & IT Sector Skill Council (SSC), working with MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. Of India), helps develop Indian staff to ensure that Indian talent is ready for the future.

Get a NASSCOM Future Skills certificate.

You need to complete the modules for this course successfully to get a certificate in NASSCOM Future Skills. This education is accredited and recommended by NASSCOM Future Skills and complies with government-approved standards. Therefore, it ensures that you are ready for the industry from day 1.

How do you register for the AWS Solutions Architect?

Here are the steps for registering for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam:

  • Go to the link, and log in to your account.
  • After that, go to the following tests> eligible tests.
  • Select AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Compatible Test, select test options Fill in your favorite test language, test details, date, and time, and confirm the test selection. Finally, make a test payment, so sign up for the AWS exam.
  • AWS Solutions Architect certification review
  • To apply for a review, log on to, and click on ‘Certificate. After that, click on and open ‘AWS Account,’ followed by ‘Schedule a New Exam. ’

Final words

Our well-expert AWS training class gives you a working experience with the top-notch Amazon Web Services platform that is used by some largest companies in the world. You can better understand the concept of AWS cloud infrastructure, Software as a service and learn how to design, configure, and scale the AWS platform in the best way possible. All of this course content is in line with the requirements to remove the AWS Solutions Architect.

You will work on AWS real-time projects and high-value-action assignments in the corporate world, and industry experts design the curriculum. Once you have completed the AWS Cloud certification course, you can apply for good jobs at top MNCs worldwide at higher salaries. Therefore, it is clear that it is a single investment.


Once you have completed our training program, you are working on real projects, questions, assignments and scored at least 60% in the appropriate exam. You will be awarded a certificate of completion of Intellipaat courses. The Certificate is well known to organizations affiliated with Intellipaat, including the top 80 MNCs worldwide and some of the Fortune 500 companies.

Obviously, no!! Our job assistance program aims to help you find your dream job. It offers the opportunity to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job similar to your profile. The final decision on employment will always be based on your performance in the interview and your employer’s needs.

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