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KELISTO: How Can I Get Free Credit Card?



KELISTO Get Free Credit Card

KELISTO: Get Free Credit Card

Free credit cards won’t just allow you to pay for your purchases in easy installments, but may even spare you the price of a fee which, in some cases, could exceed 100 euros a year.
In what two ways can you obtain a free credit card?

How you can get free credit cards on the internet?

Are there free Visa credit cards?

Pay your money in easy installments in exchange for paying attention or a predetermined commission is the fantastic benefit of credit cards. But enjoying this funding product can be exceedingly pricey. Based on Kelso statistics, the annual fee that banks and specialized companies charge for these plastics can exceed 130 euros, even though there are choices to get rid of this cost. To assist you in finding free credit cards, at Kelisto we have analyzed the market and told you where to find the best deals. In what two ways can you get a free credit card?

To be able to get a free credit card, you have two options: direct your payroll to an entity or choose one of the free credit cards without changing the bank that you can see on the market. The main difference between one and the other is generally in its price. Those which you can get if you direct your salary usually charge less attention than the ones that are free of ties, though, as, in everything, there are exceptions. Accordingly, in general terms, you should consider whether you would instead tie yourself to an entity to get cheaper financing, or if what you want is complete liberty, even if your free credit card is somewhat more expensive. Free credit cards for direct debiting your salary

Directly depositing your deductions in a bank is usually the easiest way to find free credit cards. Now, there are many payroll accounts that provide you one of these plastics without charging you an yearly fee, by simply direct debiting your salary every month, such as the Bankinter Payroll Account, the Openbank Payroll Account or the Payroll Account of imaginBank.

Qualities Of KELISTO

Payroll account

  • INTEREST: 5.0%
  • Free credit card


  • Invite your friends and acquire up to $500!
  • Free debit and credit cards
  • Open discounts
  • 10.0% refund in your receipts
  • Get a $100 gift or a Samsung TV for direct debiting!
  • Free debit and credit cards
  • Discounts on leisure and shopping


Some entities, for example, Abanca, allow you to have a complimentary credit card for direct debiting, but only during the first year. In cases like this, at the moment, you will need to meet an excess requirement to eliminate the commissions: make purchases for a minimum value of 3,000 euros annually.

With some payroll accounts, steer debiting does not even get you free credit cards. That is exactly what occurs with Santander Account 123, which charges you a commission of three euros a month (36 euros annually ) for enjoying with a bunch of credit cards.

  • Returns around 3% of receipts!
  • 3.0% refund in your receipts


If you are searching for a premium credit card, it is quite likely that you will need to pay for this. There is not any expense to acquire this pack; however, each time that you want to renew it, you will need to lose 135 euros per year, even if you have your self explanatory from the thing.

Free credit cards with no fees

Getting a free credit card without even changing banks is quite simple since practically all businesses specialized in this kind of plastics offer them without an annual fee, as is true with this YOU Card in Advanzia Bank, the Bankintercard Gold Card out of Bankinter Consumer Finance, or the Wizink Card, one of many others.

  • Free registration fee
  • No renewal fee


The only exception is ordinarily in the cards with no linkage that you’re able to get through traditional banking. For instance, BBVA sells the Repsol Visa Credit BBVA Card, a plastic that you can get without having your payroll (or an account) at the bank, but which charges you an annual fee of 43 euros. How do you get free credit cards on the internet?

Obtaining a free credit card on the internet is even easier than doing it in person. Whether You Need a plastic linked to a payroll account, or if you prefer to get one that does not require you to change banks, the vast majority of things that issue this Kind of product have choices Which Can Be contracted on the internet:

If you’re looking to get free online credit cards connected to a payroll account, you have many alternatives in the marketplace: from the online banking of traditional entities (Openbank, from Banco Santander; imagining, from Caixabank; or Activobank, from Banco Sabadell ) to entities purely electronic, such as ING or EVO Banco.

You prefer free credit cards online without changing banks, the vast majority of the entities that issue them let their online contracting. As many are connected to brands or industrial institutions (such as Mediamarkt, Fnac, Ikea, or Alcampo), you will need to go to the web pages of all them to be able to get precisely the plastic you desire.

Are there any free Visa credit cards?

If you’re looking for a plastic with which to pay in installments, you might wonder that the best alternative is to find a free Visa credit card. The excellent benefit of this type of financing products is that they give you the assurance you will be able to pay together at the vast majority of shops around the planet, which will provide you tremendous flexibility, particularly when travelling. .To acquire a complimentary Visa credit card, you’ll be able to use both standard banks and companies offering you plastics without any linkage: the EVO Finance Classic Visa card in EVO Finance, the Visa Shopping DB from Deutsche Bank, the Visa Pullmantour or the Ikea Visa are great examples of the choices you have in your fingertips. In addition to the offers that we’ve discussed in our article, if you would like to compare between the different free credit cards available on the market, compare their features and contract the one that best suits what you require, we advise that you see our card comparator credit.

The way to get credit cards with no interest

The coming of online banking has been a before and after for customers that, before then, we’re utilized to paying for all the services provided by their lender. Banks such as ING were pioneers in eliminating commissions and offering both free accounts and credit cards. These days, it’s possible to get a card without paying any sort of commission and even without altering banks. The only trick to obtaining free credit cards is to shop around and find out. At HelpMycash, we do the job for you and get the best credit cards without commissions.

Free bank cards or loans, what suits me best?

Cards and credits are very different products. Credits are a funding product, while cards also help us carry out daily procedures such as purchases or withdrawing money from your ATM. If your aim when applying for a free credit card is to get funding, these are its advantages and disadvantages with credits:1- Benefits of cards without commissioners one of the chief advantages of credit cards is that you will always have your cash available. Once you have obtained your card and established that the limitation, you may use it at any moment, also, unlike a loan, you may just pay for the cash you use. On the flip side, many banks provide unique advantages such as discounts on purchases or bonuses for customers using their cards regularly. 2 – DisadvantagesAlthough applying for a free credit card will not take you longer than 5 minutes, because it is a physical product you will need to wait to get it so that it is not the most suitable product if you need your money instantly.

Additionally, the credit limits aren’t usually higher than $10,000, so if you need higher amounts, you’ll have to request financing. On the other hand, the interest is generally higher than that of most bank loans. In the end, it’s essential to use credit cards responsibly and to know about just how much money we are spending continually.

Get free credit cards without even altering banks.

Some financial businesses offer you free credit cards without altering banks. You can observe the needs of each thing within our product sheets.

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