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Tips to finance your home



finance your home

finance your home

The time has come to purchase your new residence. You’ve chosen it and you’re filled with illusions, however, you can’t pay it in money. This is no issue. We’ll provide you with a few methods to fund your house in an easy manner, so it isn’t a cumbersome procedure.

1. Consult your adviser

Your property adviser, or whoever owns you the home, usually has access to direct information from financial institutions and, sometimes, own funding options that fit your profile.

2. Prepare your own credit history

It’s crucial that you learn your credit history completely to prevent falling into situations like lack of ability to cover. You will earn sufficient, but you need some credit devotion. You are able to check your standing in the credit agency ( after annually at no cost. In it, you will get a report with your entire credit life along with your score. Should you find something you do not know, you are able to prepare beforehand to resolve it.–stupid-internet-law-2012-5

3. Evaluate fiscal Choices

We provide you with a list together with the fiscal alternatives to obtain a home. Please be aware that the data provided is an estimate and can be subject to change without any notice.



Affirm provides you for almost any purpose associated with home or territory. Its funding is split into 3 strategies.

Acquisition. The purchase is split into two goods. A home (used or new ) or property can be obtained through a conventional bank or via Infonavit support. The policy varies depending on the destination:
Acquire property Purchase new or used home Acquisition of Another home
Up to 70 percent over the value of this property. Up to 90 percent on the value of their property. Up to 100 percent on the value of their property.

Structure: It is possible to purchase property and construct your property, construct your property or remodel your present property. The policy varies depending on the destination:

Construct on own property Boost, expand or redesign your present house

Up to 60% over the value of this house Up to 25 percent on the current value of this house
Mortgage substitute. Get the settlement to your previous mortgage in a cheaper monthly payment. The policy could be up to 90 percent of the value of their house.

  • Coverage: around 90 percent on the value of their property.
  • Interest rate: from 9.99%.
  • Typical CAT: 12.91percent to 14.01 percent.
  • Requirements: 5 to 20 decades.
  • Minimum quantity awarded: $200,000 pesos.
  • Maximum amount awarded: $ 10,000,000 pesos.
  • Minimum home worth: $400,000 pesos.
  • Notary prices could be included in the sum to buy the property so long as they don’t exceed the proportion.
  • The amount for construction shouldn’t exceed 100 percent of the price of the building.
  • The quantity of partnership with Infonavit will depend on the available balance of this Housing Sub-account.

Some strategies provide interest rate reduction for timely payment.

Individuals who get their citizenship through Afirme possess the potential for getting a larger quantity of the credit.

Life insurance is contracted individually.

Commissions: opening, deferred consent, late payment, evaluation, construction oversight.
Interest speed in case of default of around 12.54%.

Mitel banking

The strategy provided by Banca Mifel supplies you with funding to get a new or used house, assemble in your property, acquire liquidity, redesign your present home and increase your own credit by connecting to Infonavit.


  • Coverage: around 90 percent on the value of their property.
  • Interest rate: by 9.30%.
  • Typical CAT: 10.70%.
  • Conditions: 15 and 20 decades.
  • Minimum quantity awarded: $280,000 pesos.
  • Minimum value of this home $350,000 pesos.
  • The financial mention is in pesos.
  • For the purchase of houses just in CDMX, Estado de México, Cuernavaca, Monterrey,
  • Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, León and Querétaro.
  • There’s not any penalty for progress payments or compensation.
  • Includes damage and life insurance.
  • Commissions: Profession study, evaluation.

Azteca Bank

Find a mortgage out of Banco Azteca below the following approaches:

Credimax House. The house that you wish to purchase can be used or new.
Easy House. Just for used or new homes with a value no more than $166,666 pesos.
Credimax Props. Complement your Infonavit charge with around $380,000 pesos to purchase a new residence.


  • Coverage: around 90 percent on the value of their property.
  • The maximum amount awarded: $ 495,500 pesos.
  • A minimum value of this home: $166,666 pesos.
  • The financial mention is in pesos.
  • There are not any prepaid charges.
  • Payments are made on a weekly basis.
  • Includes damage and life insurance.
  • The rate of interest is fixed.

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