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YouTube Resume Feature: The Secret to Never Losing Your Place





When you are watching a video on YouTube, most people may feel like they want to do something else on their desktop or mobile device. This is not an issue for seasoned YouTube watchers, but if you’re new to the platform this can be frustrating. The key is that you can resume your video just by pressing ‘Play’.

YouTube was launched in 2005 and has become one of the most popular platforms for streaming videos online. With over 1 billion active monthly users, it’s safe to call YouTube a success story.

Most videos on YouTube are free to view and supported by advertising revenue. You can also buy content or subscribe to an ad-free service with YouTube Red at $9.99 USD per month.

How to Resume Watching a YouTube Video

It may be hard for you to find the time to watch all your favorite YouTube videos. However, if you are determined to get back into it, here are some ways that can help you.

– Watch them in smaller segments: The best way to do this is to set a timer for 20 minutes and then watch the video. You can take 10 minute breaks in between if you want. This will help keep your attention on the video and it will also be easier than watching an hour-long video at once.

– Make sure that the environment is comfortable: If you are feeling too tired or distracted by something else, it might not be best for you to start watching a video right then. So make sure that when you plan on watching one, the environment is comfortable and there won

The Pros and Cons of YouTube’s Resumption Feature

YouTube’s Resumption Feature is one of the newest updates to its mobile app. The feature allows you to resume watching a video from the last point you watched. The problem with this update is that it does not save videos that are interrupted by other notifications or phone calls. This feature is only available on the Android app, but it should be coming soon for iPhones as well.

The pros of YouTube’s Resumption Feature are that it makes finding your place in a video easier and faster, saves power usage because you don’t need to watch an entire video if you know what you want to see, and can prevent forgetful users from rewatching content they have already seen. The cons of YouTube’s Resumption Feature are that it does not save videos that are

The importance of YouTube’s mobile-friendliness

Some content that’s uploaded to YouTube is not mobile-friendly. This is a problem because YouTube recommends videos for you based on what you’re watching and if the video isn’t mobile-friendly, then it won’t be recommended to you.

YouTube uses two types of formats to measure whether or not a video is mobile-friendly: the first is whether or not it’s under 20MB and the second is whether or not it can be watched in under 3G. You can also give a gift to users to increase visibility. The 20MB limit ensures that videos are as quick as possible to load, while the 3G measurement ensures that videos will play smoothly on older devices with slower Internet connections.

Why Watching a Mobile Video is Better Than Just Reading Some Copy

People are now attracted to videos more than ever. That’s because video is a great medium that can help attract more customers and increase conversion rates.

An article may seem lengthy to some people who are looking for a quick read, but they have no problem reading through a video. That’s because you can show viewers the information in a much shorter time frame with video.

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