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How Your Wills & Trust Lawyer Can Help You



How Your Wills & Trust Lawyer Can Help You

How Your Wills & Trust Lawyer Can Help You

By now, terms like “Will” and “Trust” in Estate Planning are no longer new to many people. Long before now, planning for the future when you finally shuffle off this mortal core is not something everyone likes to think about, despite how essential it may be.

In Estate Planning, Will and Trust are among the most thrown-around terms. Of course, most people are already aware of the structure and purpose of Will and that of Trust—to an extent. But then, how well can a Will & Trust Lawyer help you? What questions can your Wills & Trust Lawyer answer?

FAQs Your Wills & Trust Lawyer Can Help You With

What Is A Will?

Here’s the catch, many people think they know much about the Will, but the truth is that things could get trickier along the way. In the most basic form, a Will is a set of instructions or directions about what will happen to your property when you’re no more around.

Can’t I Write My Will? Do I Need a Lawyer To Have A Will?

Yes, you can draft your will yourself. You don’t necessarily need a Lawyer, as long as your Will is properly dated with two witnesses. However, there’s more to needing a lawyer beyond just writing of Wills & Trust.

Your Trust & Wills Lawyer will help you navigate through the various things that your Will can’t do, including leaving some joint property and funeral instructions. By working with your estate attorney, you can draft out documents tackling these issues.

Can I Use A Holographic Will?

Yes, holographic or handwritten wills are legal in some states in the US. If it is valid in your state, you might as well make sure it is properly signed and dated. On the downside, handwritten or holographic wills are always subject to many scrutinies whenever it goes to a probate court.

Can My Will Dodge A Probate? 

Not really. Having a Will doesn’t mean it will escape probate. However, with a good Will and or estate law firm  by your side, the cost and resources that would have been taken up by probate will be reduced.

Can I Have Both A Will & Living Trust?

Yes, you can have a Will and a Living Trust as both have different and specific benefits. While a Will allows you to declare your final wishes and get an executor for your estate, a Trust provides management for your property. It gives detailed instructions about how you want your property to be managed and distributed during and after your lifetime.

By talking to a Will & Trust Lawyer near you, you can find out windows of opportunities opened by the Trust tool, waiting for you to explore them.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Will & Trust Lawyer?

You don’t necessarily need a Lawyer to make a basic Will or Living Trust. However, hiring the services of a lawyer can help you avoid many issues, including torturing probates for your family and heavy taxations.

The cost of hiring a Will & Trust Lawyer, while not been expensive, is influenced by how much work your lawyer will do for you. As things get more complicated, the costs will go high. Always ask your lawyer for an estimate.

You never can tell how expedient Will or Living Trust will be as you won’t be around to see the outcome. How you handle your estate planning today will greatly impact the people around you tomorrow.

To avoid future trouble and expenses on your loved ones when you’re no more, always go through a Will & Living Trust Lawyer.