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Is starting a business during a pandemic a good idea?



starting a business during a pandemic a good idea

starting a business during a pandemic a good idea

It might seem that during a pandemic, with companies massively suspended, it would be crazy to open a new business. However, it should not be forgotten that the epidemic does not affect all industries, and in some, it even drives profits. So if you are also thinking about opening a business, read how to plan it and pay attention to it.

Opening a company in the era of a pandemic – do Poles decide to take such a step?

The rapidly spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus and the related exacerbations caused Poles to avalanche suspend and close their companies – in March, almost 60,000 applications were submitted for these purposes (exactly 58.7 thousand, 80% of which were related to the suspension of operations). ).

However, this does not mean that the pandemic affects all areas of our activities – for example, still thriving construction companies. Among the industries that not only have not lost but have even benefited from its boom are those related to online learning, delivering goods, manufacturing hygiene and protection products, and delivering food products to homes.

The data on new activities is also comforting. Of course, there is a clear decline compared to March last year – it is exactly 32%, but the numbers are still impressive: there are almost 19,000 new businesses.

What to remember when starting a company in the times of coronavirus?

If you also plan to join the daredevils who, despite the pandemic, decide to start their own business, you must take into account a few important things:

1. You will not be entitled to any benefits and assistance measures – you will not benefit from assistance under the anti-crisis shield.

For example, a non-returnable loan of PLN 5,000, which has been discussed so much in recent days, is due only to entrepreneurs who have already operated before March 1, 2020. A standstill benefit (e.g. PLN 2080 for the self-employed) can only be obtained if the company was run before February 1, 2020.

2. You will be eligible for traditional support systems for new entrepreneurs.

If you are setting up a company for the first time or at least 60 months have passed since closing your previous activity, you can take advantage of the “Start Relief” (6 months without social insurance contributions and contributions to the Labor Fund and Solidarity Fund for Support of Disabled Persons), then from reduced contributions (for two years). Then from the “Mały ZUS +” program consists of paying lower social security contributions from the base determined in proportion to your income.

3. You can open an online business.

Currently, most offices have severe restrictions, which means that they cannot be used before the pandemic outbreak. However, this does not mean that you will not open a company – you can apply for entry to CEIDG online using a trusted profile. You can also create this one without leaving your home – you can use your bank account for this, as long as your bank agrees to confirm the profile.

However, you have to consider that you may have some problems with dealing with some matters – for example, due to the huge number of applications for assistance under the anti-crisis shield, not all accountants take new companies under their “wings.”

4. Keep in mind that demand for certain services is about to decline.

When setting up a company in the era of coronavirus, it is worth bearing in mind that the demand for certain services will decrease over time – an example is online teaching. That is why it is worth creating an action plan for later, i.e., look for premises where you can open a stationary school. Otherwise, you may find that in the post-pandemic period, when your business needs to grow, even more, you have to shut it down.


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