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5 Best Donate Button Examples for Nonprofits




As the world transitions to a more online based ecosystem, nonprofits cannot afford to fall behind. They have to find ways to adapt and use the power of the internet to aid their mission. These days a majority of nonprofits have set up shop online and are thriving. A majority of these organizations are huge and have the resources to tap into the power of the internet. However, the beauty of the internet is that even small organizations can utilise its effectiveness. 

Small websites can gather funds by setting up highly optimized websites. One of the keys to an optimized website is the donation button. By making a meaningful donation button, you will be able to catch the attention of your visitors almost immediately and get them to contribute. 

Despite how easy it may sound, actually incorporating a useful donate button onto your website might be one of the toughest tasks out there. To make things easy, today, we shall take a look at five great examples that show us how, where, and why donate buttons worked for these websites. 

Five Great Examples of Donate Button:

Amnesty international 

The mission behind Amnesty International is to fight for people whose human rights have been violated. Such a powerful cause requires enormous amounts of funding. They have to represent thousands of cases across the globe. The sheer amount of money required to survive means that donations play a vital role.  click here:

Their website does a perfect job of utilising the donate button. Their donation button’s design and language demand urgency. The button is also underlined and uses a phrase that is a distinct reminder for the need of action. Despite its bolden look, it still maintains the theme of the website so as to not stick out like a sore thumb.  


Environmental issues are like a raging fire that cannot be extinguished. Humankind’s unstoppable march towards development has devastating ecological impacts. Greenpeace aims to bring the devastation caused by humans to public attention. Despite having to fend off a virtually endless array of problems, the Greenpeace website is very well designed. Their donation button is located on the top right and can be easily spotted as soon as you see the home page. They also have a very rudimentary donation form on the home page. The donation form urges people to make their choice even faster, thus highlighting the urgency. The combination of the form and the button helps Greenpeace gather a lot of donations. 


UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund and is perhaps one of the pioneers of the nonprofit world. They have stood the test of time and battle one of the biggest hurdles that society faces. They aim to help children from all over the world receive education and thus paving the way for global development. Naturally, they have a very bold “Donate Now” button that absolutely works. While the website uses a very pleasing light blue theme with a white font, the button does the exact opposite to draw attention. It doesn’t make users frantically search for it and is visible almost immediately.  For More info:

World animal protection 

An organization that is dedicated to ending animal cruelty and works for the preservation of wildlife across the world, World Animal Protection holds an important role in society. To aid their conservation efforts they require a vast amount of funds. Knowing this they have spared no expense in making their website as neat and clean as possible. 

The button’s dark orange against the website’s all-white aesthetic contrasts beautifully. The button itself takes on the primary colors of the organization, orange. It is very easy to spot and as an added feature, it lives on the top right side of the page. The button also follows the user as they scroll down, thus reminding them that they can donate immediately.

American cancer society 

Cancer is one of the most dreadful ailments a human being can have in their lifetime. There are currently no direct treatments for cancer and for that reason, the American Cancer Society exists. They aim to fund research for cancer treatments and to spread awareness about ongoing research. 

Their donate now button signifies the urgency of the donation, but does not overdo the contrast. It is a very neat design, gives plenty of space for the text, and uses the color of the brand. 

Final words 

These examples highlight the importance of a donate now button. It signifies the importance of the cause and shows the urgency of the requirement. Smaller nonprofits can easily benefit from the incorporation of such a button. The key here is to keep it simple and make it stand out, subtly, of course.