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S3 pricing from Clumio and how it is rated against the others  



Amazon S3

Amazon S3

As an example of how the public cloud is always changing, consider how Amazon S3 went from a cheap place to dump data and then forget about it to a durable data store for some of their most important programs. Developers and data scientists were pushed to find a durable data storage as AWS customers adopted microservice-based modern apps and analytics, and S3’s scalability and adaptability made it an ideal candidate. Customers of AWS are on their own to figure out how to safeguard their most valuable assets in light of this jumble of data and the rise in cyber security events.

S3 pricing for backup services

The amount you spend on S3 pricing and storage depends on the volume and type of data you store. Get the most out of your S3 budget by being informed and making wise choices about storage. Apptio Cloudability clients typically allocate 75% of their S3 budget to storage and 15% to API queries.

What is Clumio?

To put it simply, Clumio makes it easier for businesses to protect their data in AWS. Organizations can meet demanding compliance requirements, backup and recover data in minutes, and optimize cloud storage costs with the help of this air-gapped, secure SaaS solution.

Through the use of an automated scheduler, Clumio can scale resources up or down based on demand, eliminating the need for sophisticated capacity planning. User-defined backup policies can be applied to many AWS services at once, including EC2, EBS, DynamoDB, and RDS, and their adherence can be monitored in real-time. The encryption used by Clumio from end to end is always active. Customers are given complete authority over who has access to their data thanks to the design of the system’s user and key management. All data deduplication and compression, as well as the maintenance of a fingerprint database and a comprehensive inventory of all encrypted information, are taken care of by the design.

Users can take advantage of the tool to:

You may rest easy knowing that your data is safe against ransomware if you use air-gap backups that are both immutable and encrypted from beginning to finish.

Reduce your RTO by implementing global policies and protective groups, and restore data in minutes with granular, one-click recovery.

Advantages of using Clumio Protect with Amazon S3A

The advantages of using Clumio Protect with Amazon S3 are as follows:

The Best Defense Against Ransomware and Other Malicious Programs: With data-at-rest and in-transit encryption and the option to bring your own keys, air-gapped S3 backups provide security both before and after your data leaves your control.

With Global Compliance and Visibility, you can easily conduct compliance audits across all of your geographies, accounts, and storage buckets from a single location.

Fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to Meet Any Service Level Agreement (SLA) by searching across all AWS accounts for lost buckets, prefixes, and objects in a matter of minutes.

Easier to Use and Less Expensive Than Doing It Yourself: Clumio Protect can save your AWS bill in half by eliminating the requirement for versioning, decreasing the burden of small files, and allowing for data classification.

Using a single interface, Clumio makes it easy to roll out their solutions. By using a Cloud Formation Template or Terraform, you may deploy without needing any underlying infrastructure or additional software agents across all of your AWS accounts. All of your S3 buckets are now displayed in one place. After that, we allow you to make use of a brand-new feature known as Clumio Protection Groups, which acts as an abstraction layer for handling buckets and prefixes across all of your AWS accounts.