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7 Tips For Writing an Essay



Tips For Writing an Essay

Tips For Writing an Essay

1. Read and understand the content of the book

Make sure you have read and understood the book’s entire content, the characteristics of the characters, and the author’s intention. 

You can support yourself, taking notes of the most important points.

2. Choose the specific topic you will talk about.

The book can have multiple topics. However, it is better to choose a specific one to develop it. This can be about a fact or a character.

3. Brainstorm

Write the specific topic you chose and write it down on a piece of paper. From this central topic that you want to develop, write 10 or 12 short sentences that summarize ideas that you can develop later about that topic.

4. Define a structure

Although the base structure consists of an introduction, development and conclusion, you can also customize a structure, depending on the chosen theme, to better exploit the central theme.

5. Arguments

The argument is the initial skeleton, and once with this, you can delve into each of the ideas. 

This should be consistent and easy to understand. The structure presents the ideas in an orderly way and preventing the reader from losing sight of the central theme.

You can also use resources such as: citing passages from the book that support the central hypothesis.

6. Conclusion

A conclusion can summarize the main points that have already been developed in the essay and your position.

7. Final review

Do a final review of your essay and make a final decision, if necessary. Read all the essay content and edit what is necessary, such as spelling, writing style, among others.