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The Must-haves for a Small Kitchen for Full Use





A small kitchen or kitchenette can look like a fancy idea. But even this space with all the cooking facilities can make a huge difference. If you don’t need a full-scale oven or stove, you can resort to this arrangement for hassle-free and easy life. It doesn’t mean you can’t make your meals. Instead, you can whip up your favourite light recipes without much mess.

Kitchenettes typically make a part of tiny houses. Some people add this to guest suites also for convenience. It cuts down the need to disturb others for an early morning or late night coffee. Today, even high-rise condos and single-family homes have this facility as they recognize its value. After all, a complete kitchenette does include a mini-fridge, shelves or storage cabinet, microwave, sink, and in some cases, a mini stove.

If you plan to move to an apartment with this type of kitchen, you can wonder how to optimize and organize it well. Here are some suggestions in this regard.


Designing a kitchenette with the finest fixtures is a first step toward ensuring full functionality and excellent aesthetics, regardless of the room’s size. While it can be easy to set up a small home kitchen for a DIY-loving person, you would still want to be careful with the plumbing job involving the sink and faucet. Poor installation can lead to disrupted look and performance, which cannot be acceptable in any scenario. So, take the help of local plumbers for these fittings.


When it’s a tiny space, you need to have decent counter space for working and preparation. You will do everything here, from cutting to mixing to stirring and blending. After installing a sink and a mini stove, it can be hard to find much room for all this. However, you can avoid this issue by extending your counter space. A foldable design from the central unit can come in handy; you can open it when required. Another option is getting custom covers for the sink or stove. You can buy something in the same material as the worktop to maintain consistency. Then, when you have to prepare anything, you can cover the sink or stove to finish your cutting and mixing job.


Because of the limited space, this type of kitchen cannot afford the same size and number of tools and devices as its larger sibling. But it can operate fully and smoothly with a small stove, a mini microwave or convection oven, and a mini-fridge under the countertop. You need to visualize this space properly whether you intend to use it yourself or rent it. Some believe that a stove can be too much for this. If you agree, you can probably stick to a decent oven for your basic meal needs. However, don’t avoid the fridge. In this small space, you can store a couple of food items and drinks comfortably.

Other than these, having a coffee maker and a toaster can also be advantageous. Still, you need to figure out how you will accommodate them.


Limited space requires more attention when it comes to organizing and arranging things. Cabinet separators or organizers and corner units can be a brilliant add-on. You can opt for cabinet door shelves to extend the storage possibilities. Besides, use ceiling and walls without creating clutter. You can place hooks or rails to hang a few items for easy access. It can lend a surprise artistic feel to the whole ambiance without any additional effort. Other things that can prove space-saving and extremely functional include pull-out trash can, knife blocks, etc.

In the end, you must refrain from killing the space by stuffing it. Be critical of what you add and why. If you cannot justify adding something, it’s better to drop it from the list. It will only occupy space unnecessarily.

Individual Touches

Usually, kitchenettes use about 3 meters of wall space. If you want to leave your imprint on it, you have to implement it within this area. Some people swear by the choices of backsplash, countertop appliance, and brass hardware to achieve their goal. You can also try them or something more innovative. For example, you can build a kitchenette on wheels. For this, you need plumbing freedom. Also, avoiding clutter is essential. Stick to only critical things right from the design phase to do away with any disappointment later.

Color Coding

You must be already aware that lighter shades make any room look spacious and open. That’s why many smaller spaces use this technique of illusion creation. When you work with a professional designer, you can discuss the selection of lights and bright colors. A combination of factors can bring the desired effect to the background, from subdued worktops to light tiles to vibrant cabinets and appliances. According to experts, having a scope for plenty of lights around the countertop can be helpful – install them in the overhead and under-cabinet areas. While it is an easy task, you can rely on it to deliver tremendous power.

There is no denying that the size of the family and lifestyle matter a lot regarding the preference for a kitchen setup. But sometimes, it has to do more with the habits than the actual need. For example, you may not like to work in a small space. Or, if you love shopping, you may want to keep adding something new and exciting to your house. However, certain decisions become critical if you don’t get an alternative.

Whether you voluntarily moved to a home with a small kitchen or not, you don’t need to feel disappointed. Even a kitchenette can offer excellent storage and decoration possibilities. You have to discover the right solutions and apply them. Once everything is ready, you can end up enjoying the change. So, essentially, if you were wondering what to do with a small kitchen and all, you can relax and go about this whole thing afresh. As this space starts taking its shape and form based on your vision, you can feel attracted to it.

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