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How To Calculate Sale Price and Discounts?





When we are purchasing items, we come across terms like Cost Price, Marked Price, Selling price and Discount. The Cost Price is the expenses a company bears to produce a product or a service. Here you need to understand the Marked Price and the Selling Price. The retailers usually announce the Discount on the Marked Price to attract as many customers as possible. The best sale percentage calculator helps us to find the selling price, when we are entering the marked price and the %age of discount.

Advanced discount calculator calculates the selling price, when entering the original price(marked price). Calculate discount to find the more suitable selling price, which is completely securing your cost price plus your operating expense. Best sale percentage calculator offers to calculate the discount percentage from a group items selling prices.

Discount formulas:

For understanding the discount and %age discount, we need to understand the formula formulas:

Discount=Marked Price -Selling Price

%age Discount=(Marked Price -Selling Price) Marked Price100

Where different terms, we need to understand in the formula:

Marked Price: It is the price of an item labeled or tagged.

Selling Price: It is the selling price by subtracting the discount offered by the retailers.

%age Discount: The amount of money reduced from the marked price in the form of percentage.Best sale percentage calculator helps us to calculate the  % age discount directly by entering the amount of marked price and the selling price.

Practical Example: Consider the marked price of a product is $ 3000, and the selling price is $ 2500, Now we need to calculate  the amount of discount we are providing on our product. Now by using the best sale percentage calculator, we can find the discount:

Discount=Marked Price -Selling Price

Discount=$3000 -$2500


%age Discount:

Now we need to find the %age Discount, we are providing on all the product we are selling:

%age Discount=(Marked Price -Selling Price) Marked Price100

%age Discount=($3000 -$2500) $3000100

%age Discount=$500 $3000100

%age Discount=16.66%

This is the discount we are presenting to our clients

Now we are reversing the formula to find the price of discount by using the best sale percentage calculator:

Discount =16.66$3000100

Discount =$500

Different types of Discounts:

There are different types of discounts, discount calculator is used find how much we are able to present to our clients, saving our profit margins on our cost price:

  • Trade Discounts offer: These types of discounts are offered by the distributors to the retailers. The distributors may hold a huge quantity of particular products. These types of sales discounts are to promote the distribution channels.
  • Quantity Discounts offer: Customers purchasing the product in large quantities, there is a quantity discount offer to such customers.The Quantity discount offers may be Buy 2 and Get 1 free.This help to promote the sales
  • Promotional Discounts offer: These discount offers are presented to the clients to clear the stocks. These sales promotions are presented by Fashion outlets at the end of the season to clear the stock and make space for new items.