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When choosing gold jewelry, we must read the slogan gold test. In jewelry, this phrase is often used together with various derivatives, so becoming familiar with it may facilitate the purchase of, for example, gold wedding rings. Knowledge about gold will allow us to choose the best type of gold, a symbol of uninterrupted bond and love.

The most important information

Wedding rings are a symbol of the durability of a marriage. Their round shape symbolizes endless love. They are the most durable wedding keepsake. That is why choosing wedding rings is the best decision for many years. The highest quality is combined with careful artistry. The best raw materials guarantee their durability. Every day we make sure that our products meet the diverse tastes of our customers. The latest technologies allow you to create many patterns. Thanks to this, in the jewelry store, everyone will find their unique product of the highest quality.

Gold—a symbol not only of wealth but also of love, is a highly noble metal. That is why it is worth knowing what the best gold sample for wedding rings will be. For this, however, we need different knowledge—more general. Let’s get to know what the gold trials are?

Gold Trials—Markings

Contrary to appearances, gold is inherently a very delicate and brittle precious metal. Therefore, to create durable jewelry from it, other metals are added to it. This is how a product is created that contains a varying amount of gold. This is called an attempt. There are many, but the most popular of them are sample 333, sample 585, and sample 750. What do the numbers in the names mean? Percentage of the gold density in each product. So, fineness 333 is 33.3% gold, fineness 585 is 58.5%, and so on. Various types of gold are available from jewelers with best gold rate. Each attempt has its individual properties and works better with a different type of jewelry.

The best gold tasting

It’s hard to say which of them deserves the name of the best gold test. Each of us has our preferences and will appreciate a different aspect. When considering which gold fineness for wedding rings will be the best, we can consider various advantages. The lower price will be an important issue which you can check by gold price calculator, while others will want a higher gold fineness. However, the higher content of the precious metal is not the best gold test at all. Such a product is more delicate, which makes it easier to destroy it. That is why we should not judge gold jewelry just after the trial because it is not the only one that proves whether it is the best.

How to check a gold sample?

The more we explore gold trials, the more questions come to mind. After all, gold is not cheap jewelry, so we want to be sure what sample we buy. Therefore, we are starting to wonder how to check gold to be an informed buyer? It turns out to be very easy.

There are several ways to identify gold. However, it is best to buy jewelry from a proven jeweler. We then have a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of the selected gold sample of 22 karat gold. Of course, each sample is permanently stamped on the jewelry, for example, inside the wedding ring. Such approval and certificate are the basis for checking the gold sample. If there is no gold finish on the jewelry, it is a sign that it is not authentic.

How to recognize gold?

If you are wondering why gold jewelry has different shades of gold, it is worth exploring the different types of gold. The color changes with the fineness and the different densities of gold. Thanks to this, we can choose unique, unique colors for our wedding rings. We divide gold into four colors: white, yellow, pink, and also black. Each of them has its trials. Of course, recognizing gold that is not the classic yellow type can seem problematic. However, nowadays, each type is gaining popularity, making it easier to get to know it better.

Gold—a symbol of love

The most popular is yellow gold, which contains the most precious metal, for example, the fineness of 925. However, it is worth knowing that it does not determine the quality of the metal itself, which does not have to be the best. Next is white gold, which contains nickel and palladium. This is why it is called palladium gold. It is gaining more and more popularity, and there are more and more pairs for their wedding rings. Therefore, if you wonder what gold to choose for wedding rings, it may be a good solution. The pink variety is also gaining popularity. It is obtained from an alloy of gold, silver and copper. The last, black gold, is white gold covered with black rhodium and ruthenium.

What trial for wedding rings?

Love has many names. Yes, and wedding rings or engagement rings can be made of a variety of materials. It is the customer who decides which one will best meet his expectations. We make wedding rings from the most classic material—yellow gold. It is available in samples 750, 585, and 333. In addition, we offer wedding rings made of white, pink and red gold. Each of the metals is unique and it is worth getting to know all of them before making the final choice.