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10 ways to grow your YouTube channel (Quick Guide)





This is true that video marketing has been rising in recent years, becoming increasingly popular and accessible to brands. And while popular sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your website are great places to invest, YouTube is still the giant in the space, with people spending billions of hours a day watching videos on this platform.

Often referred to as the “world’s second-largest search engine,” YouTube can help your content be found quickly and fully engaged if you know a few tricks. Here are 10 effective ways to grow your YouTube channel.

1. Create videos around a single keyword and topic

It may seem obvious, but building your video around a single topic/keyword is the best way to get the traffic you want and increase your audience. Many people who do not know SEO best practices skip this step, but it is essential if you want your videos to get the maximum number of viewers. Try using a keyword tool like, specific to YouTube, to search for the most searched keywords in the niche you want to target.

It is essential to choose the keyword before even creating your video content because it helps you generate the best information on that specific topic. It also enables you to remember to include your keyword naturally in all content, so YouTube will catch it when captions are added. Once you’ve chosen your keyword, review the currently ranking videos for that topic to make sure you’re on the right track in terms of intent and don’t forget to optimize your title and descriptions. Despite popular myths, the most successful videos on YouTube are typically less than 5 minutes long, so don’t feel like you have to make a movie or write a novel. Instead, keep it short and sweet.

2. Reformat existing quality content

Of course, the easiest way to grow your channel is to create great content. But that content doesn’t always have to be made from scratch. Some of your best videos can be created from engaging, valuable, useful, and actionable content that you’ve already created. Many people go to YouTube to find answers and tutorials on how to do the problems they face, so problem-solving content is ideal. Would you please look at the blogs, guides, and other high-performance pieces you currently have and think about how to turn them into great videos?

3. Interact with your audience

It is important not to overlook that YouTube is a social media channel and therefore requires social interaction. If you only post videos without encouraging comments and discussion, you are missing a trick. YouTube rewards channels with great engagement, including total channel time, watch time, likes and dislikes, and most importantly, comments. Try to respond to all the comments you receive (if possible!) And ask users to engage with audiovisual prompts.

4. Look professional

So your content is excellent. But is your channel visually appealing? If you want visitors to take your YouTube channel seriously and subscribe to your channel, you have to look professional. Branding your channel will also help users to recognize your content immediately. If you have a blog or website, it probably already has some look that you use to differentiate yourself from other people and/or businesses, so it only makes sense to transfer that brand to your YouTube channel as well. Here’s an example from the fashion brand ModCloth.

Besides visual branding, don’t forget to add custom URLs to your channel header and write an interesting bio about who you are and what your videos are about.

5. Promote your YouTube videos on other social channels

One of the beautiful things about social media is that you can cross-promote content on different channels. Promoting your YouTube videos on your other social media is the easiest way to increase your audience. What channels are you on? Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest? There are many to choose from. And if there is a channel (like Facebook) where you want to post videos directly, you can always preview the full video on YouTube to have optimal engagement on all channels. Don’t forget your blog; You can also post your videos there!

6. Introduce yourself

If you are running YouTube alone or as part of a small organization, it can be extremely beneficial to show your face on the screen. When you put a face on a brand, your audience can more easily connect with you as an individual. This is especially important for bloggers, fitness, life or business coaches, and entrepreneurs. Of course, not every video you make needs to include your face, but you need to communicate with your audience every few videos personally. Also, if you are this type of YouTuber, use a photo of yourself on your channel (not your logo). See the example of marketing guru Adam Erhart below.

7. Excellent thumbnail design

They may seem like a small thing (because they are), but thumbnails can have a big impact. YouTube advertises other thumbnail videos in its sidebar, so you want yours to stand out from the rest. The same goes for a YouTube search. Videos with attractive titles and attractive thumbnails generally rank higher, even if the content is not as valuable because they have a higher click-through rate (CTR). To get your CTR where it needs to be, try using tactics like highlights, arrows, large text, and unexpected or unusual images. See the following example from Neil Patel.

8. Take Advantage of YouTube Cards

We’ve already talked about the fact that YouTube rewards channels that keep viewers on their pages longer. These longer average watch times mean that people are engaged with your content. (You can see how long people stay in your videos using YouTube Analytics.) By adding YouTube cards, you can add additional recommended videos at the exact point where users are currently abandoning. Although they can leave that video, users will be taken to your other content and will remain on your channel, increasing your channel’s ranking.

9. Ask users to subscribe to your channel

One of the ways to know for sure that viewers are engaged with your channel is when they “subscribe” to new videos posted. Ask viewers to subscribe to your channel on every video you upload and stay in touch with your existing subscribed users. (You can see your list of subscribers here). Never pay for subscribers. This will only reduce your commitment and damage the authenticity of your account in the long run. Remember, if you don’t ask your viewers to subscribe, you may miss out on many potential followers.

10. Increase your posting frequency

This tip may seem intimidating at first, but you need to increase your posting frequency to at least one video per week to grow your audience. Do not worry; You don’t need a design company or a fancy advertising budget to pull it off. Today’s smartphones offer excellent video recording capabilities, and tools like Filmora make video editing easy for anyone. Consistency is of the utmost importance. Try to post at the same time each day or week (depending on your frequency) and keep your subscribers updated on when new videos will arrive. Then stick to your schedule.

Remember, driving engagement with quality content is what develops an engaged following, and subsequently. Defenders of your brand! Be true to yourself and your brand, and reach out to your audience along the way.