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Preparation of products From stock to shipment





The famous Cyber ​​arrived, one of the most anticipated events for electronic commerce nationwide. What will this version be like in contingency? It is an unprecedented situation, but if there is something we have learned from previous editions, it is that planning plays a fundamental role in delivering a good experience to your customers.

There is no secret formula for success, consider your campaigns, ads, offer design in advance, and prepare your eCommerce for an increase in traffic. But, how to prepare your products and shipments? Here we help you, do not forget these points:

Stock out of stock? Don’t let it happen to you.

To avoid an inventory break, it is very important to generate a prior (constant) analysis of your sales and establish a projection of what you expect to grow in Cyber. The only thing that cannot happen to you on this contingent and promotional date is to show a product and that you do not have it, it is essential to have a powerful and efficient stock control.

It is key to maintain a good flow of communication with your suppliers, in case of any inconvenience.

Tailoring time Measure it!

Time is essential in the Cyber ​​period, even more so in this version, there is a whole expectation for this contingency event, so it is essential that you have clarity in the time you spend preparing your products. 

If your demand increases x3, can you prepare all your orders? A good measure to face this case is to pre-package your best-selling products, thus optimizing time in production.

May your product arrive flawlessly.

From our path as a logistics provider, we know how important it is for stores that their products arrive in perfect condition. It is logical, we have all bought online and we know that receiving a package that is broken or in poor condition does not generate a good experience. Therefore, it is essential that your shipments have the appropriate packaging. Considers:

  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Bubble paper.
  • Strong adhesive tape (with a logo or brand mark).

Important: do not lose sight of the packaging material. It is always better than missing, circumstances such as a box or plastic breaking may occur.

The label, protagonist in your logistics

One of the most common mistakes in the logistics of online stores is due to the misuse of the label. Do not manually identify your products, always prefer the printed label, in this way, you will be avoiding misinterpretation, a G can easily be a 6 for a logistics operator, and it will become a shipping error for your recipient.

How long should your label measure? At Shipit, we use standardized 10×10 cm labels, approved by the classification system of the different couriers with which we operate.

What address is the order going to? It sounds logical, but it is not.

A successful shipment depends on many factors, one of them is having all the respective information to the recipient. Always use this format:

Street – Commune – Number – Complement (floor, department, etc)

Also, do not forget to collect the contact information of your recipient, if something does not go as expected, make decisions, and avoid a bad shopping experience.

Delivery date when does the order arrive?

The health contingency has saturated logistics services since its inception, therefore, it is very important to be clear about what a Cyber ​​Day means in this context. Offer realistic dates for the delivery of your products, as we always say, it is better to under-promise and over-deliver.

Plan A, B, and C

Always consider a backup plan in your planning, on all edges, for example, if a shipment fails, what are you going to do? While you are looking for a solution to this problem, you can take action to avoid losing a customer, such as sending them the product again, a discount on their next purchase, or a gift.

In the case of couriers, it is the same, having a platform with multiple options will allow you to have control of your shipments in one place, you will be able to make timely decisions for the shipment of your products.

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