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Artificial Intelligence

Why will technology take over the world?



Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Have you recently watched another science fiction movie?

Oh, was it about robots who took over the war in 2050? Sounds scary.

But is it true? Why will technology take over the world? If it is developed to support Humans!

Let’s find out.

 AI Take Over

AI takeover is a hypothetical scenario. In a hypothetical scenario in which AI becomes the dominant form of intelligence and will take over humans.

It is a possible scenario for AI taking over his entire human workforce and will be replaced by AI.

Many public figures such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk have advocated research for precautionary measures to ensure or to avoid AI take over and future

Types of AI take over

Automation of the economy.

It is traditionally conscious among economics that technological progress will not cause long term unemployment.

However, with the increase of technology and artificial intelligence, people are worried that the people will have a great job loss and they will be replaced by AI

Industries where which is highly likely to be replaced by AI

  1. Computer integrated manufacture
  2. White-collar machines
  3. Autonomous cars

Computer integrated manufacturing can be used to manufacture faster and without Mistake products.

Computer men take it in manufacturing can be used by automotive aviation space and shipbuilding industries, wide column machines

White-collar machines.

AI can perform several skilled skills such as legal research translations and journalism.

Autonomous cars 

The autonomous car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without any human driver. Many such vehicles are being developed.

Reality vs fiction

Ai takeovers are most common in science fiction movies and fiction scenarios, different from the reality and imagination of the human mind.

In a science fiction movie, AI or robots seem to have their motives and have an active desire to fight humans.

On the other hand, it is very different as robots cannot think and cannot develop emotions.

Though this fact cannot be denied that AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of money, will this change be positive and negative?

Let us find out more about AI.

Benefits of AI

There are several benefits of AI in human use:


Humans want to make mistakes from time to time, but computers’ problem is not making mistakes. I make a decision based on the information and certain elements and their It.


High level of accuracy is reached. When shooting area in weather forecasting and budgeting lenses or diagnosing

Risky situations 

They can be used in very risky situations. So, going to Mars, diffusing a bomb or exploring the deepest part of Oceans mining.

Customer care

They can be available 24 /7 to provide help and solve the customers’ problems.

Doing repetitive and boring jobs

AI can do repetitive and boring jobs without any complaints such as bank verifications of documents faster and

Reliable decisions

AI makes their decisions based on facts and a set along with them.

They can carry out decisions quickly as they can analyze different factors for many situations.

Daily application

Applications such as Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana and Google’s OK Google are used for solving the queries of daily lifestyle.

Disadvantages of AI 

Expensive AI

AI software are updating day by day and but they are very costly as they are complex machines

Making human lazy 

AI is provided to ease human life and they will become lazier and addicted to and relying on this technology to solve every problem.

 No emotions

AI have no emotions, which means they cannot develop a bond with humans. Moreover, there can be situations where AI, no emotions, can be harmful.

Lack creativity

They cannot be creative. AI can only work according to the algorithm. It has been programmed therefore it cannot think out of the box.


Technology can never take over humans. It can ease human lives but never suppress it. Remember it’s humans who develop technology.

Therefore it is unlikely for AI or technology to surpass human intelligence.